Hello Friends,

As you know we have been working hard to keep the site in good conditions, updated daily, hosted on good quality host and also we pay prizes few times a month from our pockets. All this work takes from us a lot of time and a lot of money. To be honest we are not rich people and didn't earn even one dollar from this project. BUT.... we have 10.000-11.000 unique visitors a day. It is 100.000's unique visitors a month and millions impressions.

If you have site or business and you want to advertise it on our site we'll help you. You pay us some money to help us to keep our project (for example - we want to increase prizes) and we put your banner or text link. We could put the banner on the main page or on the pages with pictures. We don't want to put a banner on the top of the page but we could put the banner after "today" updates (really good place). We also could put banners on pages with works (dinamic banner - we 70000-80000 impressions a day).

The price of the banner on the main page is $300 a month (after "today" updates), $200 after "yesterday" updates, $150 each - all other banners. Of course we could talk about the banner's prices.  

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Thank you