To the photographers participating in competition
To take part in the competition You should be registered on a site. For sending photos to competition used form: To send photos on competition. We also recommend limiting the file size to 400Kb. The photos longest side should be no more than 1200px, and not less than 800px.
Only one photo for each category, per photographer, is allowed per day. No more than 2 photos per day will be displayed for each photographer.
Competition rules
1. Pictures are posted in the competition daily
2. Scoring system: 5 points - lowest rating, 10 - best rating
3. The competitions are spent regularly and terms see on the main page of a site.
4. The summ of prizes vary from competition to competition and see on the main page of a site. Details see on All Themes Photo Competition
Copyright issues
Our efforts are to clearly indicate the name of the author associated with the picture. In the event you discover that certain pictures violate copyright rules, in terms of ownership, etc., please IMMEDIATELY notify the site administrator. The suspect photo will be removed immediately.
Dear photographers! Please DON'T ask your friends, neigbhours, parents, girlfriends, etc. to vote for your works! It is cheating. We see it as cheating. We see our competition as honest competition of works, not a "friends" numbers. Please! Of course we see logs, IP adresses, etc. Be sure we CHECK all votes before we send you prizes. Just try to do your work better and you will get the prize, that's all. Thank you.